Life of an Engineer Student

Nervous for Exam | HELP

  • Hi guys,
  • i wanted to know from you how you prepare yourself to an important exam?
  • For example, tomorrow i have the algebra exam. I've finished studying everything 2 days ago, so today i'll just chill out, read The Game Of Thrones, listen some good music and before going to bed i'll just read some notes.
  • How you deal with it?

Exams to do?

  • Hi guys, so this week i got 3 exams to do. Algebra, Economy and Programming.
  • And this September i'll do Physics and Analysis 2.
  • What about you?

i just got accepted to computer engineering,any advice? from Anonymous

Wow that’s a great thing! I’m happy for you Anonymous!

Well two things:

1 - How good you are at math?

2 - Can you program in C/C++?

If the 1 is really good then chill out till you start your course.

If it’s not then just study analysis geometry and trigonometry. They are the basis!

If you can’t program it’s not a big deal, you are going to learn it at school. But you could maybe try to learn something by yourself. 

I hope you write me the next time without the anonymous :D