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2 day's to the exam. 5 days to an epic adventure.

  • I got physic 1 exam in just 2 days. I'm dyyying! (engineering student's understand me).
  • And i 5 days i'll be traveling Europe by car to raise found for muscular dystrophy.
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Heyyy I have a question! Do you think it'd be very hard for me to learn Italian? I mean, my mother tongue is Spanish and I know basic French... I don't want to keep studying French, I suppose, haha. And I really like Italian! Thanks in advance ♥ from sixinchlies

Hi thanks for the message :D

Well i think you are going to do really well. Because spanish and italian are really similar.
Even if is more easy for an italian to speak spanish..

If you need any help just say hi, i’ll be here :)

Just disabled the YouTube partnership.

  • Yes, I just did it.
  • Why? Because I've never posted anything for the likes or to ml be a famous one here on tumblr.
  • I do it because I love trying to help you, as you help me.
  • Ad YouTube started because you asked me. And I want to keep it pure.

New Video Series: Back To School 2014

1. Top 5 Tech Essential

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Me and my best friends are going to travel arround europe to raise money for muscolar dystorphy: